Color Ray

This strand contains three different and distinct shades of Tiger Eye. The common brown shade is the one everyone associates with Tiger Eye but this design also includes the much more rare red and blue shades. Each 10 millimeter sphere is separated by a small 3 millimeter Hematite sphere.

Healing Properties

  • Tiger Eye: Bringing together the powers of the sun and earth, this "Stone of Creativity" assists you in clearing the chaos from your mind. Balances left and right brain activity. It can inspire optimism during times of struggle with the rewards of vitality and prosperity.

  • Hematite: The "Stone of the Mind" can balance and ground you to bring focused thinking. Has been used to draw illness from the body, especially fevers. Assists in breaking beliefs about limitations and inspires you to make your dreams come true. Attracts kind and generous love from others, as well as yourself.


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"Color Ray" Tiger Eye Necklace

  • 10 millimeter Tiger Eye spheres in brown, blue and red
  • 3 millimeter Hematite spheres
  • Claspless design
  • 28 inches in length
  • Length can be altered if desired
  • $199.95

09 Jul 2021